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Subject: [Leica] Re:Nikon D2X review now PS BS
From: daniel.ridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Thu May 12 23:04:45 2005
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I understand, and appreciate, your point. I love standards. I work in 
ther margins of the software world. But I've also seen standards become 
something of hype without any real support.

So I still think the best solution is to print your pictures out. That 
way you are not locked in to anything in particular and in the meantime 
you can use all of the proprietary solutions that are available. You 
don't have to worry about losing your work, like if you save it in PSD. 
Nice to have the negative around, of course. But that's not much of a 
problem for me personally. I have them all in binders. I just ran out 
and bought a 5 more. Each holds 100 rolls of film.

I suspect that in the unlikely event that any of my pictures will be of 
any interest in 50 - 75 years, they will _not_ be the ones I am scanning 
and printing up today, but that there will be small gems in my negative 
sleeves, too mundane for my own tastes today, but carrying significant 
information about my surroundings ... significant in 100 years.

So I just take a lot of snaps and save all of the negatives. That's a 
standard that has been working for years.

My RAW files from Nikon? I have an older model. Adobe has been able to 
read them since v5.5. I think I'll just stick with the older Nikon 
(D100). It can do more than I can anyway.


Henning Wulff wrote:

> The point is that this is expressly _not_ about a software company. DNG 
> makes it irrelevant, or at most inconvenient whether a specific software 
> company is around, as the DNG standard is published and available for 
> any other software company or competent programmer to write a converter 
> for.
> Once you have taken your digital negative (open standard) and fiddled it 
> with Photoshop and then saved it with layers and channels in Photoshop, 
> then you will need Photoshop or a Photoshop compatible program to read 
> it, but your original 'negative' will still exist in a non-proprietary 
> format.
> So in 50 or whatever years you might not be able to read the Photoshop 
> file with the tweaks and intermediate layers, but your original negative 
> will still be available to you.
> I think that is worth something, and Adobe is to be commended for that.
> BTW, saving it to TIFF is not like saving as DNG. DNG contains a fair 
> bit more information, and is a lot smaller to boot.

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