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Subject: [Leica] M6 TTL Flash troubles - I need help
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Tue May 10 19:47:00 2005

I also have the SF20 and a M6TTL.  I get good results.  But the little flash
can be confusing to operate ( too many knobs!).  Let's go after basics
before any conclusions are jumped to.....

What makes you say the output was off by 2/3 of a stop?  Over or under
exposed, compared to what?
Did you set the flash to TTL?
Were you shooting Chromes, B+W , or Color Negs?  What kind of film?  What
film type?
Old faithful type of film or something you are trying for the first time?
Can you please tell us what the settings are on the flash?
How did you set the ISO?  Are you sure that the film is THAT ISO?
Did you set the F-Stop manually?
Did you set the camera for 1/50 of a second?
Is your lens set for that F-Stop?
Are you using any filters ( even a UV one?)
Did you remove the diffuser screen from the flash?
Did you put in fresh batteries?

Second, take out the batteries, put them back in, and set up the flash
again......  I think this zeros all the possible setting variations and gets
you back to factory settings.... a "null position" if you will.....

Frank Filippone

Since I have a M6 TTL with Leica flash S20, my flash pictures are worst than
the older with a traditional M6 and flash.

I don't know what is wrong in my technique, normally my pictures are
overexposed, I can't understand. Usually I take pictures at more or less 3
meters, at this distance with a 100 ASA film, I put on the flash and on the
lens the stop 5,6 and I obtain bad results, overexposed faces (too white).
The quality is improved if I use f.8 both on lens and flash.

But I ask me why arrives this problem? I thought that a TTL system was just
designed to improve such problems, but I realize that my ancient and
traditional system works better, and I think I'll be back to the past
forgetting the modern TTL systems, for me "manual is better".

Has somebody any answer?, or maybe either my camera or flash don't work

Thanks in advance for the help and comments

Saludos desde Barcelona

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