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Subject: [Leica] Re: Photojournalists and permission
From: azn at (Andrew Nemeth)
Date: Wed Apr 20 12:46:45 2005
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On 21/04/2005, at 5:18 AM, wrote:

> In 1929, very soon after Leica was born,  Leica began producing  
> right-angle finders so that photographers could look elsewhere but 
> point their  lens at the subject. Production of improved versions of 
> this device continued  for 10 years and are still being used today.

Indeed, I use one still, on both the Leica Ms and a Hasselblad 501c/m.  
It's called an AUFSU and is IMO a much more usable viewer than the 
Zeiss equivalents.  I cover these things in detail in the Leica FAQ I 
maintain at:


> The fact that Eugene Smith, HCB or Weegee did whatever they did a very 
> long time ago is --today -- irrelevant.


> The fact that your picture , after getting permission,  might looked 
> posed
> is irrelevant.

Depends what your aims are, but if you want to take candid, unposed, 
unstaged images of people as they go about their daily lives, without 
any meddling, then clearly this _is_ an issue!

Not everyone wants to ape Diane Arbus (or Loretta Lux) and crank out 
stand-up-straight tableaux you know :?)


Andrew Nemeth


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