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Subject: [Leica] leica digital back-initial test results
From: SonC at (
Date: Sat Apr 9 15:09:20 2005

Probably B.D. with his usual adulation of Leica, no matter what.
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Jeffery Smith
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Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 12:30  PM
Subject: [Leica] leica digital back-initial  test results

we have been testing the digital r back for the past three  days and
thought we would share some preliminary findings. leica usa has  loaned
us their initial pre-production unit and the findings have been  quite
favourable. we have thoroughly tested the unit attached to a g5 in  the
studio and on location. it has performed flawlessly using the  imacon
software. we have done side by sides with a kodak 760, a valeo 11  and a
sinar 54. the unit exceeds the 760 and the 11 in colour and it is on  par
with the sinar. the imacon software in combination with the digital r  is
probably the easiest high-end digital tethered package we  have
experienced to date. we have not used the leica processing  software
because of time constraints (the photoshop plug in is rgb, so we  choose
the imacon because it has a cmyk engine but we assume it to be  excellent
based on the the overall performance characteristics. 

the  major highlights (we will publish expande test results and images
this  coming week on the lug):

1. the colour in raw-file format is  outstanding, better than any digital
camera we have tested with the  exceptions of the sinar system and the
lumiere. fro practical purposes the  only the sinar is equal.

2. the chip is very, very clean. noise levels  at 100 and 200 are
extremely hard to find, if at all. at 400 and 800 the  chip is cleaner
than everything we have seen of late.

3. the leica  lenses in combination with the back offer unparallelled
image quality in a  30mb file. we are testing with 60mm macro(3-cam), the
28mm pc, the 100mm  macro and the 21-35mm zoom.

we will publish our results after first  sharing the information with
leica, but from our experiences, thus far, the  neagatives are very, very
few. we have three photographers sharing the  unit, so our experiences
are quite diverse. our output people are the very  best in the country
using state of the art eval. techniques and equipment.  stay  tuned.



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