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Subject: [Leica] Is B.D. all wet again?
From: walt at (Walt Johnson)
Date: Mon Apr 4 16:25:29 2005

Can't help it B.D., been dwelling  on a comment you made a while back. Was 
gonna let it slide (sometimes it best to keep trap shut) but must respond.

You mentioned how boring  the Ansel Adams genre was. I railed. I chomped at 
the bit. I had steam coming out my ears. I kept my mouth shut.

Sorry, but it's of no avail. Ansel was a man who set trends, not followed 
them. Sure, there are lots of look -alikes out there today. 'I'm sure we 
could uncover a lot of Gene Smith clones too. Hey, every time I turn around 
there are folks emulating Robert Frank, William Klein and Mary Ellen Mark.

One thing is certain though, Ansel was an original. Sure, some of his 
writing was a bit pedantic but he was an original. Artist, environmentalist, 
and humanitarian.

I help to  hang one of his shows in 1969 and was very sad not to be able to 
have $75 dollars to buy a signed "Moonrise over Hernandez".  (that was with 
the student discount)

One Ansel is worth about 27 Maplethorpes. (sp) Hell, haven't used anything 
other than a Nikon, Leica, or RB since school days but if I wanted to know 
the ins and outies of a view cam I'd certainly look to Ansel's writings.


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