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Subject: [Leica] evening ...more clouds
From: doubs43 at (Walker Smith)
Date: Sat Sep 25 19:25:33 2004

> <SonC at <>> wrote:
>> > In a message dated 8/18/2004 9:34:39 AM Central Standard Time,
>> > bdcolen at <> 
>> > writes:
>> >
>> >> Define  "photographer."
>> >
>> >
>> > Someone who has his camera with him?
>> > 
>> > SonC
>> and uses it.
> successfully. 
While I won't engage in a debate over what constitutes a "photographer", 
I will share a story about my father. The local photo store owner was 
putting on a "contest" and displaying the entries in his shop window. My 
father stopped in one Saturday afternoon to but something or other and 
the store owner asked if he was going to enter the "contest". My father 
said he wasn't whereupon the owner said "Surely you have some good 
pictures you're proud of." My father then said: "Bill, do you know what 
the definition of "good picture" is?" Bill said that he didn't and my 
father explained: "It's one that someone is willing to pay money to own."