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Subject: [Leica] The cat came back...
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat Sep 25 19:25:33 2004

The problem with doing any projects by and for ourselves is that we are
ALL our own worst editors. Everyone, no matter how experienced or how
good, needs editing, and should benefit from constructive criticism and

But I share Jim's pain, and often feel that posting anything of a
photographic nature to the LUG is a waste of bandwidth. ;-)

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Hi Jim,

Do not be discouraged by lack of response. In the final analysis you are

doing this PAW project for yourself. Of course we all enjoy getting 
feedback, but most people do not comment most of the time. I personally 
respond on-list to images where I feel that I have something 
constructive/intelligent/funny/whatever to say that the wider audience 
might be interested in or that might start a good thread. Otherwise, if 
I see an outstanding image, I just drop a private message to the poster.

Most of the time I just look and move on--but I do look at almost all 
PAWs. I did not get any comments on the PAWs I posted this week, but 
that's fine--I can see from the webalizer tool that a lot of people have

looked at them, which is fine.

On the picture in question, I largely agree with Lea's comments: a nice 
family/fun snap which probably is much more meaningful to you than to a 
global audience of strangers. But if YOU like an image, then post it!


Jim McIntyre wrote:
> Hello LUG
> I unsubscribed a few weeks ago. I was a little annoyed with some of 
> the off-topic chatter, the "cliquish" and self-serving dialogue, and 
> the general meandering of the group, etc. More to the point, I posted 
> 5 PAW's in a row, and got zero -- nada -- feedback. I'm under no 
> delusions that I'm the next HBC, or anything close, but I do think I 
> have something to offer. And I really do appreciate feedback -- 
> laudatius or otherwise. The lack of response is worse than negative 
> (and hopefully constructive) feedback. It's like talking to a dead 
> phone line....
> However, I have been checking the LUG archives, and looking at the 
> posts. I've skipped over the more off-topic messages (which admittedly

> can be quite entertaining and educational), stayed away from the 
> vitriolic political threads, and checked all the PAW and photograph 
> postings I could. The truth is I have valued the feedback I have 
> received in the past, and knowing I had an "obligation" to keep up my 
> PAW activities for the LUG kept me active with my camera (no small 
> challenge with rebuilding a career and 3 kids...).
> So I'm back. And to put my money where my keyboarding is, I've posted 
> a PAW:
> Slam away, lambaste me for using my nieces and daughter as convenient 
> subjects, but please, let me know you took the time to view my work, 
> and by all means let know what I can do to improve. No photographer 
> should work in vacuum...except to remove the dust from the negatives!
> ciao...
> Jim
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