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Subject: [Leica] Got grit if you wan'it, Bill
From: daniel.ridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Tue Mar 29 03:04:22 2005
References: <> <002901c533ee$cceb1a80$82f7fea9@D1WTYD41>

Your shot:

I like that one too. I'm sorry to have been so late in saying so. The 
first time I saw it I thought: I should save some of those too (motion 
blur). I have some, but they don't work like yours does. It's nice.

Simon (Simon says: Simon Lindekrantz) and the piano man (Lasse Malmsj?) 
are the driving force behind these jam-sessions. They've organized over 
52 in a row now. I heard them say to each other on Saturday (the day 
before Easter, right in the middle of a long, long holiday): "If we pull 
this off today, then we can hold a jamsession on Midsummer eve."

Now _that_ would be pushing it. Sweden is not a religious country, but 
Midummer Eve is sacred. There won't be more than a soul or two in the 
city (and they'll be foreigners).

This is the closest I've gotten to succeeding with motion:

Thanks Luis, BD, Michiel and Jim. That was nice to hear your remark from 
a musicians point of view, Jim.


bill harting wrote:
> Oh, that's gritty. 33 and 36 are my favorites in this group. 36 is right 
> on: timing is perfect, maybe a little too much light coming from behind 
> his head. Keyboard man didn't show up at my jazz night this past 
> Tuesday; maybe tomorrow. Of my music shots from last week,
> is the one I like best, but it is quite a different vibe from yours: 
> could it all be lighting? I have come into a couple of rolls of Ilford 
> 3200 in 35 mm (I've only used it in 2 1/4) and maybe I'll try to blow 
> some of that out tomorrow.
> I like your group of shots: the shouter, simon says, has got it going 
> on, too, snapping fingers and all. The piano man rocks.
> Bill h
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> Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 3:07 PM
> Subject: [Leica] Got grit if you wan'it, Bill
>> The weeks blues shots start here:
>> (Ilford Delta 3200 @ 1600 in HC110)
>> Bill, I know I said I'd never shoot film at 6400 ... but I did. I had 
>> two rolls left of the film I pick up from Nathan and decided I'd never 
>> know if I didn't try. I processed it in DD-X for a minute and a half 
>> longer than what Ilford suggests (I went with 13.5 minutes). The last 
>> six shots are at 6400. My favorites are:
>> Maybe this one too, but I'd need to work on it ...
>> All done with an M2 with either a 50 or a 90. When I went up to 6400 I 
>> stopped down rather than go with a faster shutter. Focusing while 
>> these people truck across the stage is tough. I appreciate any depth 
>> of field I can get.
>> What do you think? Does 6400 hold up?
>> Daniel
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