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Subject: [Leica] Hong Kong xray
From: creativevisions at (Michael J Herring)
Date: Sat Mar 26 11:25:28 2005
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Yes, and these are the people our country is going to rely on to protect
from terrorism!!! It is a sad, sad world we live in.
The bottom line is this - It is all about the money - Nothing more,

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From: "Scott McLoughlin" <>
To: "Leica Users Group" <>
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 1:38 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Hong Kong xray

>I have a very close friend who works for the TSA. Right on the
> "front lines."  He tells me that the a healthy proportion of the TSA
> staff are out and out thugs.  There are actually frequent disciplinary
> problems and occurences of theft in their own locker room.  The pay
> is extremely low, so you get what you pay for, I guess.  Really too
> bad.
> Scott
> Michael J Herring wrote:
>>You are (unfortunately) absolutely right. I am an American and I am
>>embarrassed by the manner in which the TSA people treat our equipment.
>>bashed my equipment around and had absolutely no regard for the value of
>>said equipment.
>>I can only imagine what people from other countries think of this
>>They smashed my Arca-Swish ballhead, even though I had wrapped it in
>>cushioning which should have protected it from virtually any fall. I am
>>quite certain they removed the foam material and deliberately smashed it
>>onto the concrete floor, just to see what would happen to it when they
>>treated it this way!
>>I have also encountered this type of treatment when I purchased audio
>>equipment from both Canada and Singapore. In one case the metal chassis
>>completely smashed in on one side and  when I sent the photos of the
>>to the manufacturer he told me he did not think it was possible to
>>this kind of damage unless the unit had been deliberately smashed. It
>>literally 3 months to have this hand-made vacuum tube CD player rebuilt
>>returned to me (At the manufacturer's expense).
>>The other piece was a custom vacuum tube preamp I had made in Vancouver,
>>Space Tech Labs(Wonderful people). TSA lost the item for 3.5 weeks
>>mysteriously showed up.
>>At this point in time, the poor manufacturer was ready to replace the
>>because he thought they had stolen it.
>>Sorry for the ranting....The world has changed.....and NOT for the
>>! !
>>Take care and good luck when you travel,
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>>From: "Ted Grant" <>
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>>Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 10:55 AM
>>Subject: Re: [Leica] Hong Kong xray
>>>>joelct wrote:
>>>>>There are many "vulnerable" airports around the world via which one
>>>>>should never check in valuable equipment - unless the contents are
>>>>>specifically insured and the luggages are specially secured eg in
>>>>>Pelican cases.<<<<<<<<<
>>>Sorry mate when the Security Law says you "cannot lock your cases,
>>>or whatever" you check in, you are going to loose things to thieves!
>>>security situation has opened the door to anyone working baggage to
>>>themselves to everything you own. Given I had my Pelican case opened, I
>>>had to leave it unlocked with several M lenses, RapidWinders, 3 M7's,
>>>ones, smashed so badly and absolutely impossible to use on the
>>>to the extent Leica had to remove the shutter release guts inside the
>>>and start from scratch to re-build the innards due to TSA equipment
>>>handling, I've taken to hanging them on my neck or body anytime I fly
>>>the USA.
>>>Even then at hand inspection check in I watch them like a hawk having
>>>one guy drop Sandy Carter's brand new M6 off the conveyor belt to the
>>>floor, pick-it up and return it to her bag........... without a word he
>>>had done it! :-(  And yes it was broken and had to be replaced three
>>>before she left on a major assignment in South Korea! Fortunately a
>>>was available and replaced under warrantee! But that's no excuse for
>>>way cameras are handled by poorly trained inspectors.
>>>And as far as getting your stuff insured only means the thieves don't
>>>the least bit bad because they lifted your camera you need for your
>>>assignment immediately upon arrival at your destination! I'm sure their
>>>attitude, if they have any is, "it's insured he'll get a new one for
>>>If the so called checked baggage scanners are so damn hot they'll
>>>film, why do we have to leave everything unlocked for the easy theft
>>>entry? Surely there's an easier way.  I suppose the simple answer is..
>>>"screw it don't fly if you can drive!"  It may take longer, obviously
>>>long as it isn't a shoot on the other side of the pond, but drive and
>>>screw the airlines. And for sure the security thieves!
>>>If I sound a tad off my feed this morning I apologize, but I still have
>>>absolutely bad taste from TSA smashing my new M7's!
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