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Subject: [Leica] B. D. PAW
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Fri Mar 25 14:21:13 2005

The last two are, obviously, not "photographs." As to the wheelchair
girl and clouds - were the clouds in the sky as seen in the print? Or
were they added/cloned in PS. If they were there, then it's a
photograph. If they weren't, then it's some sort of photocomposition.

And btw, I would say that the standards in terms of what one can or
can't do in photoshop to emphasise or demphasise elements, etc., is
quite different for photojournalism and art photography. 

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> BD writes:
> You have decided to do a project combining individual
>>  photographs; I wish you good luck with the project, but I don't  
>> consider the end product of what you are producing to be 
>> "photography."  But I know that there are many who disagree with me. 
>> :-)
> So, does that mean a double exposure is not a  photograph?
> If you hand color the print, does it stop being  a photograph?
> If you add your name to the print using a negative,  has it ceased
> being pure?
> What about unsharp masking --not the PS type,  but when you make a 
> mask negative.  Is that result not a photograph?

How about this?:

Straight photograph. No digital, just printed in the darkroom:

Straight photograph, scanned negative that was ONLY dust busted 
Color correction was set to MATCH the exposure. Final output on 
(Tri-X@400; f16/500th)

Straight photo with a little 'direction' - "Stand here and squint into 
the sun. It will
make you look more manly!" Printed on the contrasty side in the 
darkroom, probably
a little dodge and burn.

Heavily Photoshopped image, shall we call this an Illustration?:


David Hockney, photo collage


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