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Subject: [Leica] 75mm F/2 M lens?
From: joseph at (Joseph Yao)
Date: Mon Mar 21 11:15:37 2005

on 21/3/05 2:02 am, B. D. Colen at wrote:

> As to cost comparison - anyone who goes out today and buys a new 75 1.4
> - assuming he or she can find a used one- is out of his or her mind.
> $3000? Nuts. Pick one up used and save maybe $1K over the new Summicron
> AND get an extra stop along with the $1K saving.

I may be nuts by your standard but why would I want to buy a used lens when
new ones are readily available?  The saving of $1k is nowhere enough to
offset my discomfort of such compromise.  This is not a case of the R
35-70/2.8 ASPH when no new ones are available. ;-)

Firstly, the M 75/1.4 would not cost me US$3,000 as we do not have a greedy
Leica importer here.  Secondly and more importantly, I would never buy used
if the same is available new.  The same applies not only to photo equipment,
but also to cars, fine watches and just about everything.  I find it very
hard to accept something that has been used, fondled and possessed by
someone else.  The only exception is when the item in question is no longer
available new.  In such case I would only consider 'new-old-stock', followed
by LNIB, MIB and as a severe compromise, 'mint-'.

Perhaps I need to see a shrink, but then I did not marry a divorcee either.

Joseph - overworked ER doc with OCD regarding new Leica toys  ;-)

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