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Subject: [Leica] New 75 Sumexpensive...
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Tue Mar 15 19:55:04 2005

Feli, please, don't hold your breath waiting for a digital M from Leica
- I'd miss you. :-)

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> What's a little big, Feli, is the $2941 for an f2 75 - At that price, 
> and with film photography on the decline, I'm sure people are going to

> be beating a path to the Solmes door to snatch up these 'little' 
> suckers.

Size and price. I thought it would be smaller and cheaper than the 
But then again I also didn't expect it to have a floating element. I 
was expecting Leica
to introduce a traditional design, below $2000. Makes me wonder what 
will happen
to the 75 Summilux.

Film based photography may be on the decline, but it's still a 
multibillion dollar
business. There is also nothing stopping you from using the lens on a 
body, once one becomes available.

> By the way, I wonder if anyone else was struck by Erwin Put's 
> description of the RD-1 as a Bessa with the sensor dropped into the 
> film gate the the rest of the electronics crammed in where they'd fit
> - just what Leica was saying couldn't be done until the day of the 
> Epson announcement.

Full frame B.D. The problems Leica was talking are with a full frame 
Very similar to the issues Canon has with the 1Ds II. That was also a 
few years
ago. Believe it or not some of those issues have since been resolved, 
with newer
chip designs.

> Oh well, at least there's a new 75 coming out. :-)

If the rumors are correct that 2/75 will make a nice 105 with a x1.37 
digital M.
The fact that it is a APO design makes me even more convinced that it 
was designed
with digital in mind.



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