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Subject: [Leica] Gentlemen, start your engines!
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed Mar 9 10:12:44 2005

Some day I really hope to visit your planet, Bob - It must be a
fascinating place. ;-)

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Subject: [Leica] Gentlemen, start your engines!

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> Have you noticed that there is something in the air? Contax is dead, 
> Leica is dying, Bronica is on their way and Rollei is being reduced to

> a point-and-shoot brand. Mamiya will survive in the studio if the ZD 
> is very good and not too expensive.
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If I may use an analogy from the automobile business, no company that
make its own engines survived. A classic example is American Motors
-- they used horrible Continental engines. This is in contrast to the
industry in which no company makes its own engines. Why? Because the
defines the industry.

In the camera business, it was also true that film and shutters didn't
the mfg. Lenses did.
A company that made its own lenses and mounts -- or at least designed
them -- 
could compete successfully.

With the advent of digital we see the automobile simile proving itself 
because of the centrality of the sensor array. I think those companies
will survive 
that either manufacture their own sensors or become so deeply involved
their design and performance that they might as well produce those

Contrary to prevalent opinion, I think that Leica will survive because
will become involved in the development of exclusive high quality
contoured to their lens lines. Kodak already is a factor in sensor
production. So 
is Sony. Nikon will eventually produce their own sensors; they have
capital resources. Any company capable of building an entire new factory
D70 output can make their own sensors. Canon, I believe, already
produces their 
own sensors. So it isn't all that difficult to predict the future. 

A company that succeeds in sensor fabrication will also afford to
continue to 
market its film models. Software will tie both film and digital
together, as 
it has since the scanner became affordable and integral to computing. 


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