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Subject: [Leica] Multiple Bodies
From: SonC at (
Date: Wed Mar 2 13:02:31 2005

In a message dated 3/2/2005 2:55:53 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

The  questions are to prompt discussion. I don't have a second body but 
would  like to have two lenses active at the same time. Seems like a luxury 
and  really don't know about it's practicality, but keep coming back to that 
idea.  I have always worked out of a bag, but as I carry my M more, the 
to be  more spontaneous is changing my bag-it mentality. So two bodies, in 
concurrent  action, may be a stretch for me right now.

Just  curious,


I have two M6 bodies, and keep Fuji 800 Press in one and Fuji Reala  in the 
other.  I mostly carry just one camera, but sometimes I bring them  both.  I 
don't worry too much about running out of film, so I don't change  film 
types to 
keep from confusion.  . The black body always has 800 and the  chrome one 
always 100.
When I have both bodies with me, one the primary camera has the 35mm  
summicron, and the second one has the 21mm VC.  I'll often have a 90mm TE  
with me as 
well, when I have the two.

Natchitoches, Louisiana
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