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Subject: [Leica] Nikon D2X, or wait for the actual production models
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Fri Feb 25 20:08:16 2005
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I'm a little baffled by Nikon's decisions lately.

First the rehash of the D2H, in the form of the D2HS. Who releases a 
4MP pro camera AGAIN in 2005, especially in light of the 1D mkII, which 
is now a year old?? That camera should have had no less than 8MP.

I'm going to hold my judgment on the D2x until I can either play with 
one myself or see a reliable test. I hope Nikon's
stubborn insistence on the DX format sensor doesn't bite them, but from 
a technological standpoint it just doesn't strike me as a brilliant 
idea. You can eliminate vignetting pretty easily with software, but 
getting rid of noise is a whole different story, as is the more limited 
dynamic range of the smaller receptors...

And what is the deal with the D100? That camera should have been 
replaced 6-12 months ago. Where is the D200 or D90 or whatever they are 
going to call it? Every Nikon digital shooter I run into is screaming 
bloody murder about this. There is a huge cap between the D70 and the 
D2x or D2HS.

I still think the D70 is one heck of a deal, but the new Rebel XT is 
going to be breathing down it's neck pretty hard.
Supposedly they are about to release a D50, which may be a D70 with a 
price tag below the Rebel 350XT.

Obviously Nikon does not have the resources that Canon has, but still 
this is strange...


On Feb 25, 2005, at 7:34 PM, Don Dory wrote:

> Chill out, everybody is testing preproduction models.  There will be
> issues with the cameras that will be worked out in the production
> models.  I would recommend not buying the first batch as I suspect that
> this is being rushed to market.  Nikon is really getting hit in the
> professional market by the Canon onslaught.  With the release of the
> Rebel XT that was featured to out tech the D70 Nikon might be pressured
> to release the D2x before it is really ready.
> For me, the biggest issue with the D2x was the viewfinder.  The
> indicator is four corners that flash red.  A photographer that only
> shoots the camera in one mode or the other will not have any problems
> learning the viewfinder.  However, for the photographer that switches
> back and forth, you are going to cut off heads or not shoot as tight as
> you thought.
> Canon had wind of the noise issue and was gleefully shooting the 1Ds
> MkII at 3200 and shooting by a single candle.
> Don
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