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Subject: [Leica] LEICA could be clever
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Mon Feb 21 15:14:22 2005

Hi all

Every market has this specialised ?niches?, Leica compared with the all big
volume of the photography market is very small, the core business of Leica
is normally quite away from the philosophy and strategies of other
Companies. I think that I can say that mainly the target of most companies
has be the technology, and modernity (evolution), for Leica has be quality
and durability, maybe even on this sense honesty, because they have give us
a product almost for the live, why modify a good product?, it has been
already improved!.

Where are we going with the digital revolution?, I have the impression that
in less than two years the international market would be saturated, at this
moment many people would start asking himself if they need the last top
technology camera and pay probably more money for it than one he has spared
during a while without buying film, and that his actual camera has no value.

What will do the digital Companies in two years?, maybe they will start to
see classical companies as Leica?

I don?t know how many people, technology, investments could need Leica to
survive in a small reduced dimension, Leica has a small but I think a very
fidelity market. Leica is not on the main mass targets of other Companies, I
think they can continue at least with the lenses.

On the other hand, if you was the boss of one of the big companies who can
buy Leica, do you really think you was interested on it, with a different
product philosophy and with a market who probably thinks on this case that
Leica, the genuine quality, is finish?. I think that if I was this boss I
would like prefer improve my investment on my actual products (instead to
buy Leica), principally if my brand names was Voigtlander or Zeiss, and
Leica would be die himself. (This is the world of the Sharks).

For these reasons I think if Leica find any solution, the best one, IMHO,
would be found  inside on the Company, with the coherence with his
, his core business
 I think Leica could be clever, I think
should be clever

I don?t know if you go to qualify me by optimist or pessimist, this is I
appreciate with my business experience

Saludos desde Barcelona

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