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Subject: [Leica] Leica Solms LUG LHSA Buyout
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat Feb 19 13:13:45 2005

Any Japanese firm - and anyone on this list with any experience in
advertising or PR, to say nothing of any imagination - could in less
than 10 minutes come up with one or more idea for ads that would be far,
far more effective than any of the nonsense Leica's been using. So in
some ways, the best thing that could happen to Leica is for it to go
under, be bought, and then rise again.

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Feli offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Solms LUG LHSA Buyout

> Ted, here's what would bother me if they went belly up.
> Of course my cameras, all nine of them, would still work tomorrow and
> probably would continue to do so
> as long as there was film and I could get them fixed. It's just that
the M 
> series is my tool of choice and I really don't like shooting with
> else. I'm not a big fan of SLR cameras and certainly will not get a
> and shoot. Of course someone else could step up to the plate and build

> another RF, be it film or digital, but will it be as good?
> Cosina makes some nice cameras, but let's be honest, the Bessa is no 
> Leica. So, there it is. I would be sad
> to see Leica go, because I would lose my favorite TOOL.<,,

Hi feli,
Well I agree with you about it being a favourite tool, no question for
also. But I'm moving with the common sense of the times as I have
out my career, whether equipment, solutions or film choice. Because if
do not take the best of the advances to your benefit as they come along,
will be left behind and die.

Sure there'd be a nostalgia sadness if leica were to fold. But I
grieve for a second simply because even though my Leica's are my tools
trade, I'm sure those I have will still be working fine long after I've
sometime in the next 30 years. ;-)

However, if Leica should go crashing and flaming out I don't doubt for a

minute a Japanese corporation would buy it up in a heart beat simply
there's still a good name to Leica despite the fact many young folks
nothing about it.

But in the hands of a big Japanese organization the world would be
Leica in no time. They'd work the "Leica images of greatness to death!" 
However, they'd build it around a digital version of some M type and
film as I expect it to be around for a very long time yet. The new
would pump the "Leica World's greatest film camera now fully digital.
Use it 
and your pictures will have the look of greatness as seen in film or
;-) Into a promotion size Leica, Solms never imagined possible. Quite 
possibly never had the economic means to do so.

Besides if Leica, Solms closes, there are so many new camera's still in
world, not to mention thousands of "pre-owned" that you and I would have
fine selection of M's for work well into the next century!  You'll never

lose your favourite tool, Leica closing or not.


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