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Subject: [Leica] Leica Solms reports 50% loss what does this mean?
From: lambroving at (William G. Lamb, III)
Date: Thu Feb 17 10:13:02 2005

Reality check.

Mercedes Benz is reporting a huge loss for the same period.

Rich people who buy high-end consumables have been in retreat for over
a year. I know, I sell them.

LUG subscribers hardly typify the current buyers of new Leica gear,
professional or amateur. Same goes for most other listservs. People
who have $$$ to spend on Leicas are WAY too busy to read this banter.

If Leica followed the suggestions offered here and on other listservs,
they would have been bankrupt ages ago.

Coenen probably has a pretty good idea where to take this little company
if he is given the chance. Remember, Leica, Solms is about the size of a
large Home Depot or Tesco.

People who are unfamiliar with "creative" German accounting practices
probably ought to avoid comment. Experienced a bit of this when BMW
sold off Land Rover.

Is anyone here interested in buying some new stuff and supporting the
company, or is the LUG just a place where ex-users come to moan
and discuss Canon digitals?


At 09:36 AM 02/17/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>Yes and no.  Deep doo-doo, yes; unhappy stockholders, yes; for sale, ? soon
>to be no more, kinda, not in its present form.  Something must change.
>Hermes must have lost patience, or is losing patience.
>Thought... a LUG buyout of Leica.  If we were successful.....
>Marketing would be listening to the various forums to supply it with and
>respond to customer inputs,
>Worldwide Passport warranty service with Passport warrantees avbailable WW
>and serviced WW, no exceptions,
>I could have an MP with a rational rewind knob, at rational prices instead
>of gouged prices,
>Ted could have a Leica digital R body yesterday,
>Seth could have unlimited special editions in teeny tiny quantities,
>Doug could have the Canon bodies that Ted no longer needs,
>We could all have a digital M by contracting Cosina to do the deed.
>Nikon and Canon mount R Leica lenses would be available tomorrow, AF to
>No more Null series bodies or other wacko ideas of past glory, that lose
>Frank Filippone
>  He said that a salesman at Keeble-Shuchat told him Leica was on the 
> "block"
>soon to be no more...Does this financial announcement from Solms validate
>that comment?
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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