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Subject: [Leica] amazing...
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Sat Jan 29 23:47:25 2005
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> Likewise I find it baffling that someone has found a market for a 
> pocket
> guide to overriding the matrix meter of a specific brand of camera 
> based on
> color and image size of the subject (birds in this case).  I'd think 
> that
> using a spot meter and knowing what it's telling you would be quicker 
> and
> simpler - and would apply to many more situations than the pocket 
> guide can.
> Doug Herr
> Birdman of Sacramento

I took a D70 home from work to give it a closer look. I'm a film guy, 
but that doesn't
mean I have to remain ignorant of what the other side is up to. I say 
keep your friends
close and your enemies closer. ;-)

Anyhow, after playing with the D70 I'm starting to wonder if the 
exposure program
is geared towards shooting with fill flash. It seems that as long as 
you are willing
to go that route, the system will handle almost anything you can throw 
at it. Backlighting in particular appears to be a challenge and as long 
as you allow the camera to pump some fill in there, everything comes 
out perfect.  Average scenes work like a charm, but it's got an itchy 
trigger finger for that damn popup flash. That's my initial impression 
and similar to my experience with other heavily automated systems. Now, 
that's not a bad thing if you like that look, but not so good if you 
are a natural light kind of guy. But that is the reality of things. 
Most modern cameras are geared towards you simply framing the shot and 
hitting the shutter release. This becomes very obvious when you try to 
run one of these cameras all manual. It's an awkward experience, since 
they simply weren't designed to be operated in such a manner. That's 
one thing that intrigues me about the new Minolta. It actually appears 
to have dials like a 'real' camera to change such settings.

So, I'll keep playing with it. Maybe I just need more experience with 
it to make it do what I want. Time will tell, but I do miss simply 
being able stop down or open up a stop with a simple twist of a dial, 
when I know I'm about to get screwed.... 8-)


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