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Subject: [Leica] Re: IIIf and Low-light conditions
From: sethrosner at (Seth Rosner)
Date: Sat Jan 29 19:34:00 2005
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Chris, Don's suggestions on lenses and specific films should be very useful 
to you.


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Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 9:18 PM
Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: IIIf and Low-light conditions

> Chris,
> Seth's answer as to using your IIIF is essentially correct.  For typical
> interiors after the sun sets you will find that a 800-1600 ISO emulsion
> is your friend.  You will find that Tri-x, or TMax bumped to 800 is a
> good solution if you do not process your own film.  If you do process
> your own B&W then may I humbly suggest Neopan 1600?  Nice grain and
> tonality if you get to choose your chemistry.
> If you choose to shoot color, your best choice in color negative is Fuji
> Press 800, some would suggest Kodak's Portra or Supra 800 emulsions.  If
> you shoot transparency, then really, your only choice is Fuji's Provia
> 400 which pushes nicely.
> Sometimes, Seth's suggestion of an F2 lens just doesn't provide a fast
> enough shutter speed.  Try finding a Canon 50 F1.4, then the Nikkor 50
> F1.4 which a fairly often found used in LTM somewhere in the 300-400
> range.  New, the Cosina 50 F1.5 has some converts and some who just
> don't like it's look.  Unless you like truly soft, flare filled, special
> purpose look, then I would pass on the Leica Summarit.  Problems with
> the fast fifties in LTM would include difficulty focusing especially
> close up, substantial blocking of the viewfinder, large size, and only
> decent results wide open.
> Many have gone to the 35mm focal length for interiors as there are quite
> a few 35 F2 lenses with good performance.  With less magnification,
> slower shutter speeds seem more acceptable.  Here, Canon's F2 or F1.8
> are probably the most economical solution, but please consider the
> Cosina 35 F1.7.
> I hope this helps.
> Don
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> Subject: [Leica] Re: IIIf and Low-light conditions
> I continue to eagerly await the return of my Opa's IIIf which I sent off
> to the "spa" for a CLA. I was wondering if there are suggestions as to
> using the camera in low-light conditions? I don't know if I should look
> into high speed film (I use 100 speed with it normally and the pictures
> have been great!), a tripod, or a flash? Any suggestions? I've been told
> that a flash might "not" be the way to go? But I was hoping to play
> around with some indoor shots, etc....
> thanks (as usual),
> chris
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