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Subject: [Leica] Singapore LUG
From: dankhong at (Daniel Khong)
Date: Tue Jan 25 18:55:22 2005


It has been some time since the Singapore Leica Users Group (SLUG) got
together and planned some action. I am aware that there is still a
bunch of serious Leica camera enthusiasts out there inspite of the
digital enthusiasm of recent years. IMO, it is not an issue to compare
and debate between film and digital. They are just different. Perhaps
one can say that film photography is akin to oil painting and digital
to water-colour.

I am aware that Lee Yan Zhan is still souping his black and white
films. I met Roland Tan recently at Ron's and he was happily showing
us his new digital body but fitted with a 50mm traditional Leica M

I would like to invite all Leica enthusiasts who are still using
either a traditional film base leica lens (SM, M or R lens) and/or a
traditional film Leica camera (Rangefinder or SLR) to contact me
off-line so that I can put you on a SLUG database and possibily
arrange a get together in Singapore.

Sorry to have to exclude those with pure digital hardware however true
blue Leica these may be at this point in time but we have to be
somewhat focussed on a certain degree of Leica nostalgia.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys and gals.


Dan Khong

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