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Subject: [Leica] A word on doomed digital-
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat Jan 22 15:27:11 2005
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V.Roger offered: a whole bunch of stuff on doomed digital. :-)
Subject: [Leica] A word on doomed digital-

> Well...after years of collecting rangefinders and
> SLRs, I now have 4 digitals- all are "outdated"-<<<<<
>> Sure, digitals are doomed,
> from the minute you drive them out of the dealership-
> but so what! Their performance is what counts- and I'm
> totally hooked. <<<<<

Hi V.Roger,
All good points and logical simply because every man made thing........... 
is doomed to failure! Because of improvement!

Digital cameras are no different, here today, dead tomorrow! :-) So who 
cares, this world we live in is evolving faster than you can spit three 
times quickly. If one is agonizing over the obsolescence of digital cameras 
and never to buy because they're "old before" they get out of the stable, 
then the anxious person might as well roll over and die an untimely death 
simply because in the foreseeable future, digital, I mean everything digital 
to computers to every electronic gadget in the world is dead before they're 
manufactured and on the street. Why?

Well simple, because there are other wonderkins working away to make the 
next one faster, smaller, more efficient, cheaper?, easier to use and yet do 
ten or twenty more things than in the model they've just announced is the 
newest hottest item to have! :-)

Heck if one were waiting for the most efficient car on the road, hell would 
freeze over at least a dozen times and melt 11 times before they ever bought 
a car. Same with digital!

Why wait for the all time most perfect ever ever digi? Get one, get with the 
programme have a pile of fun like everyone else. And if and when the most 
magical digital camera comes out that all you'll have to say is........"take 
nice picture over there." Point camera in the direction indicated and it 
does. Why you'll be as happy as all get out because you didn't wait and can 
remember the good old days of having to make your own exposures in the olden 
days ! ;-)

Oh yeah and the "all time magical digi camera you hold while talking to it?" 
Will also be dead in the water 5 minutes after it comes off the assembly 
line.:-) Time and digi cameras wait for no man nor woman, so get with it now 
and have some fun with the magic of the day. :-)


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