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Subject: [Leica] Leica MP 0.58x - I think I'm being had.....
From: bparsons at (
Date: Fri Jan 21 08:55:00 2005


The stupid [my word] rewind steered me away from the MP, as well.
If Leica is going to have any more layoffs, they should consider the
marketing guy who brought that back to life.

What I was saying before, is that the .58 and .85 rf's apparently didn't
sell well.
I have always used a .72, myself.

In the mode of being careful what one wishes for, I keep my eyes peeled for
new products from Solms.
I am very fond of my M4, M6 (pre-ttl), the M6-ttl I briefly owned, and my
I am not so sure that I will ever develop a 'fondness' for PSCS. ?I do like
the raw module, but would redesign much of the UI if I were the dictator.


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The .72 did sell well, so why do that one in?

Personally if the MP had a proper rewind knob, I would have been
But as a archaic technology rewind camera, I was not interested. ?A $1500
uplift ( or whatever they charge) for a proper period 1960's rewind knob is
not something I am going to spend.

Maybe the MP with a proper rewind knob is the new camera for 2005? ?They
could call it a MPa.

Frank Filippone

You may have missed the part of the thread that stated that the two
off-sizes of rf's did not sell very well.

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