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Subject: [Leica] Re: PAW3
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Jan 20 20:10:49 2005

I'm aware of the ludicrous French restrictions on photographing people
in public places. 
And the assignment was not to tell the changing story of people's
smoking behavior - it was simply to show people smoking. ;-) Luckily, I
didn't have to shoot it in France.

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Subject: [Leica] Re: PAW3

Shoot smokers! Well, I suppose the success of the mission was assured
enough people lit up, but why shoot smokers? Smoking is becoming almost
secretive in our society as that other personal pleasure which sends you

blind, and smokers are becoming as welcome as DT's on a deeply soled
so when I went to the PAW, I went looking for images which told this 
changing story. The 4 images are nice tight portraits of individuals and
couple, who in France might be able to sue you for intrusion of privacy.

Perhaps its the photographers who are becoming unwanted in society!!.
tight portraits did not give an impression of "guilt" or "isolation", so
came down to my favorite being the couple, whose interaction is quite 

B. D. Colen writes: 

> The assignment was to shoot smokers. So after quite a bit of thought, 
> I decided to leave my Glock home and took cameras instead. ;-) The 
> location was the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan. And I 
> discovered how difficult it can be to shoot in post-9.11 America - I 
> was hassled by a PA cab dispatcher, a lone cop, and a pair of cops - 
> all of whom warned me that it's illegal to photograph the bus 
> terminal, or shoot in the direction of the bus terminal. In their 
> defense, all were exceedingly polite, and when I suggested that I 
> point outwards from the terminal, all left me alone. But obviously it 
> didn't dawn on any of them
> - or the morons who give them their orders, that it's far more likely
> that one of the countless suitcases being wheeled through the
> doors will contain enough high explosives to kill hundreds and perhaps
> take down the building, than it is that someone photographing the
> building poses a threat. 
> But that aside - PAW3 and three alternates are at 
> Comments, critiques, etc.....welcome...
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> Subject: [Leica] Three tries at one image
> The other night I exposed about 30 frames at ISO 800 with the Olympus 
> E1, in part because I'm trying to capture something I see every day 
> and in part because I'm messing around with an all digital workflow.  
> These were made with the Zuiko 11-22/2.8-3.5, at the focal length of 
> 22.  They were exposed at 1/20-1/30 @ 3.5 and mildly cropped to reduce

> the clutter in the room.
> I experimenting with PhaseOne's Capture Pro for RAW conversion into 
> PhotoShop 7 (which I still use); B&W conversion with Fred Miranda's PS

> plug in.  The tonal range on these images is spectacular, except for 
> the predictable blown spectral highlights around lighting sources.
> I found it tough going to get reasonably sharp results at this shutter

> speed and where there's a lot of movement (here's where one distinctly

> feels the absence of fast Leica glass and why I pant for Zuiko's 
> soon-to-be-released fast normal prime), but I'm curious, do *any* of 
> these final-cut images work?
> Cheers!
> Chandos
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