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Subject: [Leica] Film
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Thu Jan 20 19:58:44 2005
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Not yet free to post them. Have to finish everything up and get 
clearance from
the couple.


On Jan 20, 2005, at 5:34 PM, animal wrote:

>> Just shot my friends wedding, as the official shooter. Several other 
>> guests shot digital D60, D10, Nikon D100. (it's the movie biz so 
>> everyone is a photographer...)
>> I shot Fuji 160NPS and Kodak 400 Porta NC, which I have been scanning 
>> on my Nikon SCS 5000ED.
>> I had totally forgotten just how good, professional color print stock 
>> looks. I hate to say it, but the neg scans look so much more lush 
>> than the digital stuff. The white gowns in particular (it was a 
>> bright sunny day here in Los Angeles). The film shots just have so 
>> much more dynamic range, it's not even funny. The Nikon scanner is 
>> putting out 3670x5625 scans, which are blazing sharp (current 2/50 
>> Cron R and M). The big advantage that the digital shots have is the 
>> auto white balance and the Nikon D100 was better at it than the 
>> Canons.  The Canon did really badly with tungsten lighting, very 
>> warm. The digital advantage really becomes obvious in mixed light...
>> Secondly, thank Solms for the M7 and AE. Absolutely amazing. It's 
>> hard to believe that the whole metering system consists of a blotch 
>> of white paint and a meter cell.
>> Feli
> Hi it,s probably due to the Caol ila i consumed that i missed a link 
> to your latest succes.
> Would you help me find the pics?
> Thanks
> simon jessurun
> amsterdam
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