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Subject: [Leica] Re: PAW week 3: Orientation
From: ericm at (Eric)
Date: Sun Jan 16 05:42:27 2005
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>The only thing about it, and I'm not
>sure how this makes it work as a photo, is that I feel like I'm
>standing on my head when I look at it this way.  I find it intriguing,
>but, after looking at it more, I start to like more the idea of the
>original perspective, but cropped just a bit at the top and right side
>to remove the poles.
>Crop #2:

I'm with Glen, Alastair.

I like your original view better than your flipped one or the highly cropped
ones.  I think taking out the poles, like Glen did, strenghtens it.

I like the 3 painted stripes and the 3 sets of curbs coming in from the top,
getting bigger.  I like the line of the curb broken into 3 segments.

My only complaint--and this is strange coming from me--is I'd like to see
more in focus.  The out of focus leaves in the puddle distract me from the
reflected image.  I'm usually a fan of thin DOF.  But I think more would be
beneficial here.

Overall, I like.


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