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Subject: [Leica] r3 shutter is stuck?
From: wlarsen at (Will)
Date: Fri Jan 14 18:17:15 2005
References: <87065571@mailbox1.Hitchcock.ORG>

Roger R. Parent wrote:

>Help Please.
>I'm new to the group and have just experienced a problem with my very first 
>(finally) Leica camera.  I have a R3.  When I tested the timer, the shutter 
>never released and now the camera is just "stuck".  The spot meter no 
>longer works, the shutter won't release, the film advance lever moves but 
>seems to be disconnected from the film spool.  Please tell me there's a 
>simple fix.  I haven't even loaded film in this thing yet.
A first rule in life is that you never operate the self timer on a 
camera that has not been CLA'd.  They are the absolute weak point of the 

After reading all of the advice you have gotten... my suggestion is that 
if you cannot free the self timer yourself, take it to someone who has 
been trained in repairing Minolta SRs..  From the description of the 
sequence of events, it would appear that the self timer is the problem.

Regards, Bill Larsen, Terra Bella, CA

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