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Subject: [Leica] r3 shutter is stuck?
From: vick.ko at (Vick Ko)
Date: Wed Jan 12 14:59:22 2005

Okay, so is this what you did:

1)  cock the camera
2)  pull the self timer lever down, and release the camera via the self
3)  camera is now locked-up

I can't remember if the self timer is mechanical (I think it is).  Can
someone else confirm?  Did it make that "scratching, clicking" sound
when you tensioned it?

Does the self-timer still tension and release?  I recall that the R3 has
one mechanical speed (X speed?).  Does setting the shutter dial to the
mechanical speed allow the camera to fire, especially if you try
tensioning and releasing the self-timer?

Oh - on the battery, are the camera's contacts clean?  Sometimes if
there is corrosion on the contacts, nothing will happen.

My thoughts on the self-timer are that the timer hasn't fully released
the shutter and it might be the thing jamming the camera.  

If you get daring, if you peel back the leather on the self timer side,
and remove or loosen the self-timer, the camera might free up.

The shutter on the camera is released by an electro-magnet and
controlled by electronics.  If the electronics have died, unfortunately
the potential to repair is low.


Vick Ko


Hi Vick,

The camera never fired after the timer lever returned to normal.  The
mirror is down.  I had the lens without a cap on the camera when this
all happened.  New batteries did not make a difference.

Thank you.


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