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Subject: [Leica] A Thanksful New Year...
From: wlarsen at (Will)
Date: Sat Jan 1 22:55:57 2005
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Oh my, Bill, you have helped make me a better person, though perhaps not 
a better pix taker.
Let me pray for blessings for all here and everywhere.

Bill Clough wrote:

>01 January 2005
>       My best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year filled
>with the images that come from so many creative eyes. What
>separates photographers from others is their ability to see
>the essence of things. How many times, in conversation, do
>you hear people say ?Do you see what I mean.?
>       Photographers and a privileged lot: they can share with
>What they see. And if anything can help bring peace in this
>troubled world, it is the ability to study?often
>appreciate?another man?s viewpoint.
>       I have been LUGing now since 2002. On this New Year?s
>Day, some debts to repay:
>       A profound thank you:
>       *To Graham Battison--whose photographed of his lovely
>countryside can lower blood pressure better than anything
>prescribed by the medical field. He maintains that anyone
>taking one of his walks would produce the same images but
>we all know that isn?t true.  His is a unique gift; my
>world is a better place because of his photographs and, I
>suspect, many share this opinion even if he sometimes
>       *To Ted Grant?the LUG?s Grand Old Man of Photography. I
>mean that as a compliment to a profound photographer who
>has never let his status go to his head. His opinions are
>like his images: honest, and open to all. His compliments
>are rare, and being rare, have great value.
>       *To Sonny--for his mastery of color.
>       *To Alistair Firkin?for his FOM project and his gentle way
>of nagging us all to participate?as so we should.
>       *To B.D. Colen?for his devotion in keeping things in
>perspective. Every group needs its curmudgeon and he
>fulfills the role with relish. The LUG would not be same
>without him.
>       *To Patrick Kelley?for his untiring devotion to
>maintaining the Leica-Gallery. Talk about an un-sung hero!
>       *To Brian Reid-- for his untiring devotion to maintaining
>the LUG. Talk about an un-sung hero!
>       *To Steve Unsworth?whose image most often put us all to
>       *To Nathan Wajsman?for his enthusiasm and delicate eye
>       *To Will Larson?for his lasting friendship and
>*To Rob Stevens?for he knows what and he know why.
>*To Tina Manley?whose images are a constant inspiration.
>*And, in my age of forgetfulness, to all those on the LUG
>who I should have included (and whose names will haunt me
>in the subsequent days for fear I have hurt their
>The LUG is a most unlikely band of individuals who never
>fail to add to the forum?s collective worth. And for that,
>we all are richer; certainly I am.
>Happy New Year!
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