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Subject: [Leica] Leica IIIF questions
From: ruben at (Ruben)
Date: Mon Nov 8 11:34:40 2004
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Thanks Marshall
Since I posted the questions I found a manual for free download - the Nooky 
is shown as an ekstra option in the back - the tubes are not - any way I 
downloded it page pr page and have printed them out and glued them together. 
The picture I posted was of the lot I bought taken by the place that sold 
it - I will eventually take a picture of all the gear lined up with much 
more affection - I found that I enjoy holding the camera even more then my 
M6 - look foreward to see the first results when I get the film back from 
the lab - all the best Ruben

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Sent: Monday, November 08, 2004 8:02 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica IIIF questions

> Your IIIf was made about 1953.
> The extension tubes are for a device which you don't illustrate: either a 
> mirror housing or a Focaslide.
> The NOOKY is a close-up device for the 50mm Elmar.  The Nooky is threaded 
> on the camera, and the Elmar is attached to the Nooky by the bayonet lugs 
> on the Elmar's collapsible lens tube.  The lens is focused in the usual 
> way.  The NOOKY compensates for the close distance.
> Spend an extra $10 and get  the Leica Manual from the 50s on EBay.  Good 
> luck! Marshall
> Ruben wrote:
>> Have some questions regarding a camera I just bourght
>> Please have a look at
>> (I am happy you recomended the camera Daniel THANKS - I have been using 
>> it all weekend - it was a joy - fits like a glove :-)
>> It is a red dial IIIF with a serial number 660 xxx - how old is it ??
>> The 3 Black Extension rings marked 3 on the photo - do they go directly 
>> on the IIIf or do I need a mirror device ??
>> They are marked:
>>> 1:1,15
>>> 1:2
>>> 1:3
>> The ring marked 4 hase a screwmount towards the camera and a bayonet 
>> towards the lens with a red dot - it is not an M bayonet - I tried with 
>> my M lens and it did not fit
>> Do anyone have any Idea what this is for.
>> I find the film inserting a little fidlly - will cutting the film in any 
>> special way improve anything ? I use standard  agfa rsx II in normal 35 
>> casette
>> All the best
>> Ruben
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