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Subject: [Leica] Slighty OT - Scanner Question
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Tue Oct 26 23:00:16 2004

I have the Elite 5400 and I scanned B/W neg; B/W pos and color pos with it.
And I'm very pleased with the results.
Everything on
There wasn't much tweaking done in PS, against my habits even.
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> Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 14:46:33 -0700
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> Subject: [Leica] Slighty OT - Scanner Question
> For those not interested in film scanning, don't read on.
> Here is my film scanning situation:
> I had an Epson 1650 flatbed scanner with transparency.  It worked ok for 
> web
> posting, but was slow as hell and took a lot of fighting with the UI to get
> what I wanted.  Also, it wasnt good for printing B/W on my (then) new HP
> 7660.
> I then upgraded to a Konica Minolta Scan Dual IV and it *is* much faster,
> especially in batch mode, but I oftentimes get worse results than I got 
> with
> the Epson. At first I thought it might be my particular scanner, so I
> exchanged it.  It still requires a lot of work in PS to get it to where I'm
> even somewhat happy.  I've tweaked the Minolta software ad nauseum, and 
> even
> paid for Vuescan to see if I could do better. Nope.  I'm not happy with the
> results.
> I really want a good film scanner so I can scan for the web and also be 
> able
> to print out up to 8x10's on occasion.  This is for B/W only.  I don't care
> about color at all.  Just Tri-X, APX 100/400 and Neopan 400.
> I went down to the local digital shop (Glazers in Seattle) and had a talk
> with the digital salesperson.  She said that the V ED wouldn?t do well with
> B/W and that she recommended the Minolta Elite 5400.  Of course they didn't
> have any in stock, so I have to wait a few days.
> So in the meantime, what scanners are you using for B/W and are you happy
> with it?
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