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Subject: [Leica] Slighty OT - Scanner Question
From: meino at (Meino de Graaf)
Date: Wed Oct 27 12:18:00 2004
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Wade Heninger wrote:

>I really want a good film scanner so I can scan for the web and also be able
>to print out up to 8x10's on occasion.  This is for B/W only.  I don't care
>about color at all.  Just Tri-X, APX 100/400 and Neopan 400.
>I went down to the local digital shop (Glazers in Seattle) and had a talk
>with the digital salesperson.  She said that the V ED wouldn?t do well with
>B/W and that she recommended the Minolta Elite 5400.  Of course they didn't
>have any in stock, so I have to wait a few days.
>So in the meantime, what scanners are you using for B/W and are you happy
>with it?
>. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
>w a d e  h e n i n g e r
I' am a happy user of the Minota 5400. I use it mainly for scanning 
Kodachrome. But it also makes good B/W scans. It took a while to find 
the correct way, but the best results I get for negatives (Color and 
B/W) is by setting the exposure control for negatives to Auto in the 
Dimage Scan software. Further for optimal sharpness, I use the manual 
focus knob. One advantage of the Minolta 5400 is that it allows the use 
of ICE in combination with Kodachrome.
A disavantage can be, that it is not fast compared to the Nikons, that 
is not that important for me as amateur, but can be an important issue, 
when you have to scan many negatives or slides. There is also one other 
issue, that can be important for you, it is not nice for Ilford Delta 
400. The grain structure of Delta 400 interferes with the scanning 
resolution of the Minolta 5400. This effect is called grain aliasing. 
This effect (exaggerating the grain) doesn't happen with Tmax 400, Tmax 
100 and Delta 100.

Meino de Graaf

Meino de Graaf

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