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Subject: [Leica] Conflicted
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Fri Oct 22 21:55:45 2004
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>Henning Wulff said:
>Subject: RE: [Leica] Conflicted
>After a lesson on too much intake of aquavit the word really is .... 
>"confused!" ;-) Not conflicted! ;-)
>Long long ago many Leica light years passed!  In  a country far far 
>away on the northern parts of the planet across the seas and oceans 
>there's a land known as Sweden! Inhabited by smashingly beautiful 
>blonde females, so gorgeous they steal the hearts and minds of the 
>most sterling and faithful of men. :-)
>There was a tournament attended by hockey players of the world and 
>media people. Unfortunately, in this land is a liquid called 
>"Aquavit!"  A pure clear innocent looking and assumed by the 
>visitors as non-lethal liquid. Well OK it looked like it wasn't 
>lethal! ;-)
>Looked like water, clean clear cool water and consumed as though 
>water on a hot thirsty day!  Should I go on? :-(
>OK if you insist! :-)
>However, I must warn you the telling of these long lost moments 
>hurts merely at the thought at re-telling! :-( Oh suffer all you 
>who've, shall we say, at sometime in your motley 
>lives................ "Over indulged!" :-( Innocently of course and 
>by accident! ;-)
>Conversation during dinner with several Swedish girls, just think 
>about it for a moment gentlemen, tall, beautiful blue eyes, long 
>flowing the most beautiful blonde hair you can imagine and facial 
>features without make-up many a Hollywood starlet would kill for. 
>Dang they were just absolutely drop dead beautiful. But heck guys 
>they were like that all over the place. :-)
>It was like you'd died and gone to the beautiful land of amazingly 
>beautiful women. :-) OK I'll save the rest of the story for later. 
>;-)  NO? OK you want it all right now. :-)
>"How do you drink this stuff?' one of the guys asked. "Oh very easy, 
>just fill your small glass and between bites of food, drink it like 
>water!" said one with a smile. Well that didn't seem too hard, just 
>drink it like water eh? Stupid Canadian eh? ;-)  The first one was 
>kind of "fiery tasting" but what the heck the girls were knocking 
>them back like, "WATER!"
>Now the lads, read all us photographers are trying to keep up with 
>them........... the ladies! :-)  OOPS!  Bad move. :-(
>Then some brilliant minded Canadian, not me, asked, "have you ever 
>had a Calgary Red Eye?" For the ill informed it's part beer and part 
>tomato juice. I assume it's called many things around the globe. The 
>girls answered, "No, what is it?" They were told and thought it 
>worth a try on the bases of, ready?  For every "red eye they 
>sipped.... we had to partake of Aquavit!" Yeah well that wasn't one 
>of the most brilliant things to agree to eh? Dumb ass Canadian's! ;-)
>Well it deteriorated from there with the girls continuing to smile 
>and look beautiful and knock off the "Red Eye's " like they were 
>Mother's Milk!
>With the dumb ass Canadian's becoming more and more Aquavit pissed 
>and cameras lying all over the floor. The cameras on the floor was 
>considered prudent so we wouldn't knock them off the table. I'm sure 
>we'd have been far better off putting ourselves on the floor and 
>leaving the camera's on the table! :-) Try and imagine that scene, 
>naw it's not possible unless you've been through it. :-)
>I know, I woke up in the morning some where in Stockholm with 
>absolutely no idea where. Never before nor since have I ever done 
>such a purely stupid thing! Ahhhhhh but beautiful blue eyed blondes 
>will do that to you everytime! :-) Oh the Aquavit? Don't ever 
>mention it in my living presence ever, ever!   Thank you so much. :-)
>And my Leicas? Yep I still had them all but couldn't remember where 
>the hell the film was! :-(

Hmmmm...  I was hitchhiking in Skandinavia in 60's. Some of the parts 
I remember were an awful lot like that...

And they didn't even necessarily involve herring.

    *            Henning J. Wulff
   /|\      Wulff Photography & Design
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