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Subject: [Leica] New Epson GT-X800 flatbed (aka 4880?)
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Fri Oct 22 20:33:32 2004
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At 9:07 AM +0900 10/23/04, Karen Nakamura wrote:
>People might be interested to know  that Epson has released a new 
>version of its flagship flatbed scanner (GTX-700 aka 4870) in Japan. 
>It's called the GX-X800. I haven't seen it in person yet, they have 
>an ad for it in the newest Asahi Camera and it's also on their 
>  * 4800 dpi (same as 4870)
>  *  Digital ICE (same as 4870)
>  * Alpha-hyper CCD II (broader wavelength response); larger microlens over 
>  * newly redesigned 6 elements in 4 groups lens unit
>  * Maximum OD of 4.0 (wow!)
>  * Newly redesigned film carriers:  24 unmounted 35mm negs; 8 
>slides; 2 sheets of 4x5; or 3 strips of 120 film at a time.
>  * USB 2.0 + IEEE 1394 (same as 4870)
>All in all, the feature list isn't compelling enough for a 4870 user 
>to upgrade.  My guess is the new Canon scanner scared them into 
>releasing this early.  Also, it was embarrassing that their 
>"consumer" F-3200 negative scanner was beating their prosumer  4870. 
>So maybe the 4880 is a bit sharper and has better shadow depth.
>My problem with all of the flatbeds is that they are much too large 
>for a small Japanese apartment. That's why I'm leaning to get the 
>F-3200 after I move to Kyoto.

I saw the F-3200 at Photokina but have not heard or seen anything 
about it here. Do you have any info on the specifications, or a link? 
It looks like a very good MF and LF solution.

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