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Subject: [Leica] Leica back in action
From: lambroving at (William G. Lamb, III)
Date: Thu Oct 21 11:07:07 2004


It's William, but I'll let it pass this time. :-)

By sheer coincidence, access to G.W. would be little problem for me, owing 
to a "friend of the family" from Texas. Don't ask... BUT, I'm just an 
amateur who gets lucky occasionally and whatever I got would be very 
unlikely to be as good as some of your stuff. Besides, I'd have to wear 
that blue necktie with the silver triple stripes, and I've long ago given 
up wearing neckties for "religious" reasons! :-)

Too bad you didn't live in NYC during the mid-seventies. You'd have had all 
the free F-1 stuff you could carry. In those days even I could borrow all 
the Leitz stuff I wanted from the Press Office on Columbus Circle in 
exchange for all the Metropolitan Opera comps I had back then... :-) Used 
to bump into a lot of pros of all kinds there who were returning borrowed 
gear. They couldn't fathom why E. Leitz didn't give them the stuff just as 
the Nikon office did on Madison Avenue. Interesting that many still 
preferred to use Leica glass and SL's when they could and were made "good 
deals" when they broke down and HAD to have something.



At 10:18 AM 10/21/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>William G. Lamb, III said:
>>>>I note there is still ONE White House photographer who uses mostly
>>nothing but an M7 and 28 ASPH. Wonder why... :-)<<<<<<<
>Hi Bill,
>Well that maybe but I bet he's got some long glass on a Canon or Nikon 
>somewhere around him. Why?
>Well with merely an M and a 28 his photographs of the Pres., are going to 
>be pretty small on the negative unless he's the ____ President's personal 
>shooter.___  But then that's a whole new ball game! He then has close-up 
>access no one else does.
>And let me assure you being the big guys photographer begets close like no 
>other photogs. Been there with Canadian Prime Ministers! And like it's 
>"you and he" and that's it during many behind the scene opportunities 
>where just one M and a 28 is just fine thank you. :-)
>And as far as getting free gear? Hell I never experienced that once in 40 
>years working on the Hill ! Parliament Hill that is. I did however get a 
>well worn projector about 35 years ago. ;-)

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