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Subject: [Leica] Hybrid Collapsible 'Cron
From: jblack at (John Black)
Date: Thu Oct 21 10:30:21 2004
References: <>

> Folks -
> Just when you thought you knew (or at least have heard) all there is to
> be said about the various 50 Summicrons I have a question about a
> possible contemporary variant.


I purchased (rescued would be a better word) an M col Cron a few years ago
that was in wretched shape. among other things wrong with it was a severely
damaged front element coating.  I sent the poor thing to JVS and he healed
it. In so doing, he either replaced or polished and recoated the front

I then loaned the lens to a friend who has an optical bench and he did some
resolution testing on it.  He found (I can't remember the numbers) the JVS
reconstituted 50 cron (which I call Lazarus) to have the highest resolving
power of any lens he had tested and proceeded to beg me to sell it to him (I

This tale is just to reassure you that newly coated front elements are
probably fine and I would not hesitate to have John Van replace or recoat


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