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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Mon Oct 4 07:38:20 2004

I'll definitely work on that, Karen. Although I realize that no one on
this list, in the back and forthing of email, ever makes mistakes in
what they write. God, how could I be so foolish. ;-)

As to the official history - I have enough corporate experience to know
that official histories often have little or nothing to do with reality.
A much more likely explanation for Nikon's dropping the RF line is that
they saw the writing on the wall that said 'rangefinders are the past,
SLRs are the future; don't waste your time on the past.' And what a wise
move it turned out to be.

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>I was indeed thinking SP, Karen - and everyone else. The S3 was a 
>stripped down SP - the kind of entry level camera Leica should have 

BD : Err... OK then say what you mean and mean what you say. Sloppy 
thinking/writing doesn't behoove your argument.

BD said:
>  >Dream on, Mark. Feature for feature, capability for capability, M3 v

> >S3, the S3 - as a body - would win hands down. But this is one on 
> which

Even comparing the SP against the M3, the M3 has:

* Faster lens changing (the S/Contax bayonet is a pain)
* Availability of third party lenses
* Brighter finder / rangefinder
* Long optical  (69mm) and effective baselength (63.7mm)

The only advantage of the SP is the broader range of viewfinder 
frames possible.  Nothing that an accessory viewfinder couldn't fix.

There's a reason that Nikon dropped RF development after the SP (or 
SX) and went with SLRs. From the histories published in Japan, Nikon 
saw the writing on the wall: they could not compete with the M3.   So 
they went with the SLR which was a niche market, but had potential.


Karen Nakamura
Leica Users Group.
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