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Subject: [Leica] ceasarean
From: jonathan at (Jonathan Borden)
Date: Fri Oct 1 10:02:18 2004
References: <> <002b01c4a742$1db8ffc0$87d86c18@ted>

Ted Grant wrote:

>Hi Jonathan,
>Well done mon ami, a fine set of story telling photographs. Having shot this
>kind of birthing situation a few times it's not the easiest to do depending
>on the medical folks allowing one the space to make the exposures and get
>the right angles.
Well even though I can nudge my way in to get the good angles etc, I 
can't slow 'em down when they are working... man is that hard ... the 
real tricky thing is predicting when everything is going to stop for a 
moment so you can get a reasonably sharp image ... I can't remember but 
those were probably shot with my Summicron 50 wide open at 1/15 sec., I 
think that's what the "decisive moment" really is -- that moment when 
the movement stops long enough to snap a photo :-)

>Obviously you got along with them well and produced an amazing story telling
>set of pictures. I'm sure when this child reaches an understanding age of
>birthing he or she will be quite surprised at the beginning battle into the
>cold cruel world! ;-)

My 5 year old daughter was watching while I was working on these in 
Photoshop ... afterwards she sheepishly said "Daddy, is it alright if I 
don't have children." ... I am thinking that *yes* perhaps these are an 
excellent means of birth control :-))

>I photographed two of my grandchildren for the first medical book, "This is
>Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler, also used in "Doctors' Work". So
>today they're teen agers and they get a great kick out of showing new
>friends... "hey this is me when I was born!" :-)
That work is a real inspiration ... now I've taken many many thousands 
of photos intraop (with a Leica R4 attached to our Wild/Leica 
microscope) but mostly we are looking to document anatomy, and when I 
shoot my own operations, I stop everything and the result is a static 
image lacking the motion that is reality and apparent in your book... 
your work is an inspiration to look for the art that is present all 
around us.


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