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Subject: [Leica] Consider This...
From: mail at (Karen Nakamura)
Date: Fri Oct 1 06:17:59 2004
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>Hi Karen,
>The information sheet I picked up from DxO during the demonstration 
>at the Photokina. I quote for the DxO Raw Engine and DxO Optics Pro 
>2.0 :
>"full 16 bit processing and RAW image data, vignetting and Blur
>corrections are subtler and more accurate than what is possible within
>the constraints of an 8bit jpeg image".

Yeah, their web site also says that they'll be supporting a RAW 
plugin soon. Until then, it's vaporware.  And it reduces flexibility. 
If you want to use Canon, Adobe, or Phase One's  RAW converter, 
you're SOL. DxO only works with 8-bit JPEGs made by the camera itself 
(ie, you can't shoot in RAW and convert) or their vaporware RAW 
converter. This does not seem good to me.

You also can't apply their sharpening algorithms after any changes in 
Photoshop. I only apply USM at the last stage before printing since 
the degree of USM depends on the output.

DxO appears to be forcing a workflow on me that I don't like.

It's software made by engineers, not by photographers.


p.s. And it's  OT to the LUG since DxO only supports digital cameras. 
There's absolutely no hint that they'll ever support film cameras / 
scanners, or fringe digital cameras like the R-D1,  Digital R Module, 
or M7D or whatever it'll be called.

Karen Nakamura

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