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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon
From: mail at (Karen Nakamura)
Date: Mon Oct 4 06:29:58 2004
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>Dream on, Mark. Feature for feature, capability for capability, M3 v S3,
>the S3 - as a body - would win hands down. But this is one on which
>great minds will clearly NEVER agree! :-)
>(My biggest single photo equipment regret is that I didn't ever own an
>S3, and that I don't own one today. ;-) )

I own both an S3 and a M3 and I can say that the M3 is a better camera:

The M3 has:

* Faster lens changing (the S/Contax bayonet is a pain)
* Availability of third party lenses
* Switchable framelines (the S3 is fixed)
* Brighter finder / rangefinder
* Long optical  (69mm) and effective baselength (63.7mm)

Only 14310 S3s were sold between 1958-1967 while the M3 had a long 
record and over 225,000 sold.

Now, if it was between an SP and an M3, then the SP might be better. 
Unfortunately, I don't have $3000 to buy an SP. Remember that even 
back then, the SP was priced incredibly high (Y98,000).


Karen Nakamura

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