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Subject: [Leica] Consider This...
From: telyt at (Douglas Herr)
Date: Thu Sep 30 15:46:50 2004

Feli di Giorgio <> wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 13:38, animal wrote:
>> How to make a coke bottle behave like a summicron
>> best regards
>> simon jessurun
> Yes, but again all of these operations involve sub-pixel transformations
> to the image. Sub-pixel transformations are operations where a pixel is 
> moved a fraction of a pixel. You can't really do that, so you have 
> to interpolate the data and every time you perform one of these operations
> you cut the resolution of your image data in half. So yes, the image will
> no longer show the effect of the barrel/pincushion distortion, but it will 
> have taken a hit in the sharpness department. How big that hit is, depends 
> on how sophisticated the filtering algorithms are in your software. There 
> is no magic software bullet that will fix these problems. Software fixes 
> like this aren't a substitute for a good lens. To quote my old boss:
> "You can't make chicken salad, out of chicken shit."

Software corrections also can't fix coma, spherical aberation, flare or 
chromatic focus shifts.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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