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Subject: [Leica] ZeissIkon translation error.
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Tue Sep 28 03:22:18 2004
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The guessing and speculation is over, our guesses, in my case most of them
totally wrong, have more or less shown what we want or expect. Zeiss has
revealed what we're getting.

It IS film, but with tantalising references to digital when the time is 
It HAS got a long base RF.
It HAS got AE.
It's M-Mount.
Cosina IS very much involved.
It IS a totally different design compared with the R2A/R3A from CV. At least 
the outside. Film rewind appears to be exactly like the Minolta CLE/Leica CL.

The pdf brochure shows all the lenses (future lenses as line drawings) and 
top deck of the camera. Also a bunch of finders and lens hoods.

The English text has a translation error in the Film Transport text - lever
should have been translated as rewind crank (R?ckspulkurbel). It is not a 
wind lever.

Zeiss appears to have been listening to people who have suggested 
for Leica and CV cameras. If they've been reading our mails too they just got
the market research for the next generation too.

I hope it will live up to the advertising text, which more or less insinuates
in every second paragraph, that other M-mount manufacturers (how many are 
which are not called Cosina or Voigtl?nder ?) are not up to scratch, either 
body or lens quality. I believe the old Greeks called this "hubris"


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