Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/28

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Subject: [Leica] Zeiss Ikon vs Leica
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Tue Sep 28 12:46:07 2004
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What an incorrigible bunch we are!  I've just been reading through the
dozens of mails on half a dozen lists.

The camera isn't even on sale yet and it's already got back focus
problems, the lens apertures are not big enough, it's
a Cosina (what's wrong with that !), it shouldn't have AE, the lenses
aren't really Zeiss, it's too expensive, Hasselblad
will push the price up.

And a lot of people just don't like it because it's not a Leica ! Think
on people, Zeiss is still a bigger name worldwide than Leica
and a guarantee for quality - they're not likely to be putting out
something unworthy of their name and tradition.
Even complaining that it will be on sale in May 2005 - has everyone
forgotten how long it takes to get new Leica products
to the stage that they can be sold ?
The MTF lovers are already on the warpath too.
I personally prefer to see what comes out when I take a picture. My job
had enough graphs and spectra to last me a lifetime.

As to it being vapo(u)r ware - no comment ., If they are letting people
at it, I'll be leaving my grubby  fingerprints on it
tomorrow in Cologne, or at least  getting a couple of pics of it sitting
in its glass case.

If the lenses are cheaper than Leica and have the SAME quality then
hooray !!! .
If they are BETTER , and that may well be the case considering Zeiss
technology, then double hooray!! And a standing ovation.
If they are as good as the CV offerings we've had so far, and at a
similar price they deserve a round of applause too.

If the body has the right  feel to it then well done Zeiss.It looks
solid, it has style, I find it desirable.

This is the first all out frontal attack on Leica, let's see what THEY
make of it. No real Leicaphiles ever took
CV seriously, but IMO Zeiss/Cosina is a force to be reckoned with,  not
just a couple of hundred cameras for collectors, but
a true competitor..
CZ has got money and muscle enough to back Leica into a corner, let's
see if they can come out fighting, this may be just the push they need.

More tomorrow after I've seen it.