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Subject: [Leica] web image etiquette (was 60mm and 50mm DOF)
From: leica_korenman at (eric)
Date: Tue Sep 28 03:14:05 2004
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Thanks for the compliment and critique

I didn't realize that clicking on the image advanced you to the next page.
Clicking on the thumbnail sends you to the full image (which you were 
already seeing).
It is an PS CS created web page.
Triple option would be nice - i.e. thumbnail -> medium size -> large image



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Subject: Re: [Leica] R 60mm and 50mm depth of field differences?

> On 9/27/04 4:36 PM, "eric" <> typed:
>> I shoot most of my portraiture work with a R body (R7, now a R8 - the 
>> 'I'm
>> in love thread').
>> I have two lenses which serve me well - a 60mm macro and 100 APO macro.
>> The 60mm gets the lion's share of use.
>> see:
>> A recent shoot involved a child who has a hyperactivity disorder and who 
>> had
>> a very difficult time sitting still.
>> Lots of blurred and near miss focus shots.
>> Here is a near miss focus shot with the 60mm:
>> I keep replaying this shot in my head and wishing to the great god of 
>> manual
>> focus that I hadn't focused on her ears instead of her eyes!
>> Got me thinking about trying out a vanilla 50mm summicron.
>> What is minimum focus for this lens?
>> Is depth of field for similar f stop settings at similar distances quite
>> different ? (possibly a question that reveals my stupidity - but it 
>> needed
>> asking..)
>> Eric
> A one in a million shot as far as I go! A classic. Which I'd shot it.
> If you never do another shot in your life as good as this than all your
> cameras have been worth it.
> No more out of focus than a good part of HCB's shots. I just finished
> looking at them in this issue of the French PHOTO.
> But a minor point I click on it to see just how out of focus or sharp the
> thing is and I get another nowhere as good shot of another subject.
> This always frustrates me when people do this.
> I think it is an internet convention that when we click on something it 
> gets
> bigger.
> If there are big arrows then maybe that would clue us into the fact that
> we're going to get a slide show instead.
> Very disconcerting to click and something and it changes the subject 
> instead
> of giving us revealing insights into the thing we are are looking at.
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