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Subject: [Leica] R 60mm and 50mm depth of field differences?
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Mon Sep 27 21:57:51 2004

Well, I don't have a current or even semi-current Summicron R but I will
give you information from a Summilux R.

Minimum focus of the Summilux is just less than twenty inches.

At F4 at a typical portrait distance of one meter DOF is about 37 inches
to 42 inches based on the lens scale.

My 60 gives me a DOF at similar settings of 38-40 inches.

Another item that may help you with focusing is that the focus pitch of
the 60 gets quite steep by one meter whereas the 50 has quite a bit of
movement between 0.9 and 1.2 meters.

So, my sense would be that using the 50 would increase your focus rate
at large apertures.  At F4 even the old one cam 50 I have is quite
stunningly good, maybe even as good as the 60. :)


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Subject: [Leica] R 60mm and 50mm depth of field differences?

I shoot most of my portraiture work with a R body (R7, now a R8 - the
in love thread').
I have two lenses which serve me well - a 60mm macro and 100 APO macro.
The 60mm gets the lion's share of use.

A recent shoot involved a child who has a hyperactivity disorder and who
a very difficult time sitting still.
Lots of blurred and near miss focus shots.
Here is a near miss focus shot with the 60mm:
I keep replaying this shot in my head and wishing to the great god of
focus that I hadn't focused on her ears instead of her eyes!

Got me thinking about trying out a vanilla 50mm summicron.
What is minimum focus for this lens?
Is depth of field for similar f stop settings at similar distances quite

different ? (possibly a question that reveals my stupidity - but it


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