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Subject: [Leica] RE: Leica donation to students
From: leicagalpal at (Kit McChesney)
Date: Mon Sep 27 07:37:01 2004


Okay, humor well-taken. And per my note to you off-list, I think this thread
veered off into a direction that wasn't what I'd originally proposed. My
original thought was that Leica could take in used cameras from customers,
perhaps a trade-in situation, and then refurbish those for resale at
reasonable prices to photo students. I think the 'donation' part of it had
more to do with giving up profits, rather than outright giveaways of brand
new cameras! I think some on the list think I meant that Leica should be
tossing new M7s to college students totally gratis! Not so! 

Uh, and I have to ask, in a whisper, what camera in Leica's lineup is worth
$50? Please tell me so I can buy one for myself! ;-)


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Subject: RE: [Leica] RE: Leica donation to students

>Unfortunately, offering Leicas at dealer cost would not offer much of a
>discount to the students. I hate to burst your bubble, but dealers aren't
>cleaning up. I hope someone is, but it ain't us! It takes lotsa Leica sales
>to make a buck. Margins are narrower than with other brands.

Kit -

I was saying this entirely tongue-in-cheek! :-)   But if you want 
others to give, one must give first. :-)  Even if it's $50 a camera 
that's discounted at dealer cost, still to a poor starving student - 
that's at least 50 meals at Taco Bell.

I'm just brain storming! Don't shoot down my ideas just because you 
don't like them! :-)

Karen @ Fantasy Island . com

p.s. I think there's a casino in Connecticut called that. Or was it 
Minnesota. I hear the jingle in my head even though I'm in Tokyo.....

Karen Nakamura
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