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Subject: Digital M/Digital Rebel was Re: [Leica] Lost Faith in
From: frank.dernie at (FRANK DERNIE)
Date: Fri Sep 24 16:40:09 2004

My experience is the same. A better lens is blindingly
obvious on prints from my Canon 10D. Focussing is a
problem though, the viewfinder is not a patch on the
R8. I can not do my Telyt lenses justice using it.
I actually got rid of a Sigma super wide zoom, which
perhaps seemed acceptable on film because I used it
rarely, because of disappointing results. The Canon
replacement is markedly better.

--- Peter Klein <> wrote: 
> Jonathan:  I never said that higher pixel count
> and/or bigger sensors
> didn't matter.  What I said was that a better lens
> does show up as better
> on a 6 mp sensor.  That's all my "Ergo" meant, and I
> said it because I've
> seen it myself.
> Of course, the differences will be more marked on
> hi-resolution film.  Of
> course, the pixel counts and anti-aliasing filters
> will diminish the
> differences, and *some* of the quality of the best
> lenses is wasted on
> current sensors.  No argument there.
> But you are looking only at lens resolution and
> pixel density and implying
> that therefore no worthwhile differences between an
> OK lens and a superb
> lens will show up on a 6 MP sensor.  I say that at
> full aperture, I can
> see marked differences in apparent sharpness,
> overall contrast and
> microcontrast between two such lenses on 72 dpi Web
> JPEGs. Since a 6 MP
> sensor can show much more than a Web JPEG can
> deliver, the chances are
> extremely high that even more differences will show
> up at 6 MP.  Nathan,
> who has a 10D and uses both a superb Leica 100/2.8
> APO lens and more
> ordinary Sigma lenses, has confirmed this.
> --Peter
> Jonathan Borden wrote:
> > The "Ergo..." above just isn't true for technical
> reasons. To consider
> > *any* image you need to look at the whole chain,
> from fog in the air,
> > to the lens, to the sensor, to the output. All I
> am saying is that the
> > lens is an important part of the system and so is
> the sensor. A low
> > pixel sensor just isn't capable of capturing the
> same higher order
> > harmonics as an otherwise equivalent higher pixel
> count sensor. That is
> > a fact.
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