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Subject: [Leica] It's the sensor, stupid
From: Afterswift at (
Date: Fri Sep 24 03:14:49 2004

In a message dated 9/23/04 11:17:16 PM, writes:

<< I can use my best Nikkor lenses on it, or a crappy Sigma zoom used years 
ago on a Spotmatic... there is no difference in the results, the sensor 
is of such early design that it picks up "Christmas Tree" artifacts when 
used outdoors, (trees, railings) with any lens. >>
In digital the sensor is the chokepoint. In film, it's the stock or the 
if you use a quality make or model body. I came late to the digital party, 
I've never been disappointed in the sensors in my D70 or Oly 5050.
In fact, it was the quality in the 5050 sensor that convinced me that 
is an item in the photographic firmament. The number of pixels isn't the 
definitive sign of quality. The fast 6MP in the D70 produces large quality 
which I seldom need. It starts off at ISO 200 and does its best work there. 
The 5050 prefers ISO 100 to show off. Maybe these are just subjective 
impressions. That coming full 35mm frame digital M would be something else!