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Subject: [Leica] fs: 9-24-04 "simplify simplify simplify, " or perhaps just "simplify"
From: photovilla at (Rich)
Date: Fri Sep 24 01:22:17 2004

Another New Leica Camera

While everyone is looking to see what new digital camera has every 
feature + the kitchen sink thrown in, the latest camera by Leica may go 
un-noticed. The Leica CM zoom ads a 35-70mm zoom to the already nicely 
nicely simple camera. While this might not be the camera for a pro, or 
for the Leica anointed super-enthusiast...but what a strait forward 
camera for Mom or the other beginner photographer who could use a great 
lens on a small and simple camera. Taking $100 deposits now, delivery 
soon we are told!

Some Digital:

Leica Digilux II, like new demo, boxed, complete $1495
Leica Digilux I, near Mint, demo, US warr. $650
Minox "Leica M3" digital, cute, a toy, but priced like one, w/USB $159
Nikon 4300 blow out, 4MP camera kit, perfect gift, factory refurb $259
Canon S70, 7MP, small, metal shell, great lens $595

Leica M & Screw Mount - ask about new free gear rebates!

Leica IIIg with 35mm SM Summaron, near Mint body, lens nice $1695
Leica MP .72 ANTHRACITE, one of only 300 made, kit with anthracite
leicavit, body (with special leather) and 35mm lens + shade, kit $7995
Leica MP .72 HAMMERTONE kit, all pieces grey hammertone finish $6495
Leica MP .58, .72, .85 black or chrome, new $2695
Leica MP .72, black enamel, near Mint, 1 year US warr. $2295
Leica MP .72, black enamel, Mint-, 1 year warr. $2245
Leica M7 .58, .72, .85 black or chrome, new $2695
Leica M7 .72, Mint-, US 1 year warr. $2295
Leica M7 .72, Exc+, US 1 year warr. $2195
Leica M7 .72, Mint-/Exc+, black, great users $1995
Leica M7 .72, Exc/Exc+, blk, works great,few marks, perfect price $1795
Leica M7 .72 black, near Mint, US demo 1 year warr. $2195
Leica M7 .85, Mint, black, 1 year US warr. $2295
Leica M6J, Mint, with 50mmf2.8 lens $5995
Leica M6 TTL .72 Titanium, Mint demo with 1 year US warr. $1995
Leica M6 TTL .85, chrome, Mint, PERFECT, getting hard to find, 1 year
    Leica US warr. was $1695, now $1595 ***this weeks web special***
Leica M6 TTL .85, chrome, Exc++ $1495
Leica M6 TTL .72 black, Exc++ $1495
Leica M6 TTL .72 black, Exc+ $1445
Leica M6 TTL .58 black, Mint- $1595
Leica M6 "classic" titanium, near Mint/Mint, black leather $1795
Leica M6 "classic" .85 Exc+ scarce and nice, $1495
Leica M6 "classic" .72 black, Exc++ great user $1395
Leica M6 "classic' .72 black, Exc+, great user $1295
Leica M4, chrome, Exc/Exc+ $995
Leica M4, chrome, Exc+ $895
Leica M4, chrome, cosmetically nice, shutter needs service $800
Leica M3, SS, chrome, over 1 million $895
Leica M2, chrome, LR near Mint, late number spiffy, $1295
Leica M2, chrome, LR, Exc+, good body in tip top shape, nice $995
Leica M2, chrome, LR, Exc, good user $845
Leica/Minolta CL, great shape, meter works, all systems "go" $349

Make room for the R2-A & R3-A:(see our site for pictures of new Cosina.)
Voigtlander Bessa R2, black, store demo, used just in our store $450
Voigtlander Bessa T, chrome, store demo, Mint/just in our store $165
Voigtlander Bessa L, chrome, store demo, near Mint, same as above $50
GMP MP Winder $120 or GMP M Grip $65

Leica Bumper,rubber eyecup, running out, close out $65 ***web special***
Leica 21mmf2.8 ASPH M, new USA, black or chrome $2495
Leica 21mmf4.0 Super Angulon set up, rare shade, finder, all $1795
Leica 24mmf2.8 ASPH M, latest, black, great landscape lens $1995
Leica 28mmf2.0 ASPH M, new import $2095
Leica 28mmf2.0 ASPH M, new, boxed, complete & unopened, warr. $2045
Leica 35mmf1.4 ASPH M, blk, latest, wtih shade, Mint-, perf glass $1995
Leica 35mmf2.0 ASPH M, black paint $1695 ($100 less than blk chrome!!!)
Leica 35mmf2.0 Summicron with eyes, for M3, with rare leather clam shell 
case, glass great, eyes clean, a great performer $599
Leica 35mmf2.8 Summaron with eyes for M3, Exc++ $495
Leica 50mmf1.0 Noctilux, new USA $3095
Leica 50mmf1.0 Noctilux, Mint/box, latest, great price, won't last $2295
Leica 50mmf1.4 ASPH, New, USA $2495 (backordered, but still taking deposits)
Leica 50mmf1.4 Summilux, like new demo, 1 year warr. $1995
Leica 50mmf1.4 Summilux, near Mint, latest $1495
Leica 50mmf2.0 Summicron, new USA $1195
Leica 50mmf2.0 Summicron with tab and x585 hood, near Mint $1195
Leica 50mmf2.0 Summicron black, latest, pull out shade $995
Leica 50mmf2.0 Summicron DUAL RANGE with eyes, nice $595
Leica 50mmf2.0 Summicron, Rigid, nice with perf. glass $495
Leica 50mmf2.8 Elmar, collapsible, chrome, Exc shape $395
Leica 90mmf2.0 ASPH M, new import or demo $1745
Leica 90mmf2.0 ASPH M, black enamel, new USA $2495
Leica 90mmf2.8 Tele Elmarit, black, Exc/ a bargin for $349
Leica 90mmf2.8 Elmar, black, Mint- w/perf glass and mechanics $895
Leica 90mmf4.0 Macro Elmar, latest, can be used w/eyes $1195
Leica 135mmf2.8 Elmarit, black, with eyes, pull out shade $495

Leica 12585 shade, metal, Exc, paint wear but not dented $79
A&A Leather Wrist Strap for Leica M, brown, red, blue, hammertone $65

Leica R-

Leica R9, New, USA black or anthracite $2395
Leica R9, demo, black, 1 year US warr. Mint $2195
Leica R9, demo, 1 year US warr. near Mint $2095
Leica, R7, Exc++, black $1095
Leica R7 motor drive and grip $185
Leica R6.2 black, Exc+, great fully working user $1195
Voigtlander VSL43, great starter SLR w/ 35-70mm zoom lens, manual or
aperture priority, self timer, bright prism, kit all for $225
Leica 21-35mmf3.5-4.0 ASPH Vario Elmar, new boxed $2095
Leica 28mmf2.8 Elmarit, near Mint, R, 3 cam, hood, filter, cap $595
Leica 28mmf2.8 Elmarit, Mint-, R, 3 cam, cap, hood, filter $550
Leica 35mmf2.0 Summicron, 3 cam, Mint- 945
Leica 35mmf2.0 Summicron, 3 cam, Exc+ $595
Leica 50mmf2.0 previous style 495
Leica 80-200mmf4.0 Vario Elmar, sharp and economical $1595
Leica 90mmf2.0 ASPH Summicron, USA demo 1 year warr $1995
Leica 180mmf3.4 APO Telyt Exc++, caps, pull out shade $795
Leica 1.4x APO Extender, Mint demo with 1 year US warr. $899
Leica R8/R9 motor drive kit, new USA $855

Misc Other Brands that are still of interest:
Canon 20d, kit with 18-55mm lens $1599 (in stock)
Canon G6, new USA, in stock $699
Nikon D70, body only, new USA $999
Nikon D100, new USA $1499
Rollei 3.5F Planar, with case, works great $999
Yashica T4 Mint, only $199
Artisan & Artist bags, straps and battery wraps all in stock, check out

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