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Subject: [Leica] Black and White C41 Film
From: colucci at (Dan Colucci)
Date: Wed Sep 22 11:04:39 2004

The key is to use this stuff in moderate to highly contrasty
low contrast lighting, it turns muddy

Kodak T400CN - first version, long discontiued - wasn't as good as the
later stuff - printed purple on color paper
Kodak Portra 400BW - second version  -just discontinued - is/was my
favorite - can still be found
Kodak BW400CN - the lastest version - made to print better on color

Kodak "Black & White" seems to be consumer version of older
stock..likely its old Portra or possible even old T400CN


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My experience with C41 film has been limited to Kodak BW400-2, the
comsumer film available at Wal-Mart.  In some instances, it appears to
offer less contrast and more bland images than I recall from my years of
using silver-based film.  I was just looking for comments from others
about their experiences with this type of film.  I have actually made a
few very good images with the film, so my problem may stem more from my
technique than from the film.
I was also curious about the differences in Kodak films of this type.
Do you know of a reference website that explains the various films and
their intended uses?

Jim Nichols

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> Subject: RE: [Leica] Black and White C41 Film
> James - I have read your comments twice - what are you saying ?  I 
> find Kodak Portra BW400, used in contrasty lighting, is just superb 
> with final tonal range and superb detail...Edge sharpness is lacking, 
> but I enjoy the smooth tonality, especially for portraits
> Dan
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> Subject: [Leica] Black and White C41 Film
> Comparing results with C41 B&W to the results I got with Plus-X, Super

> XX, and Tri-X in the 1950s and 60s when I had my own darkroom, I have 
> been somewhat disappointed.  Though, without a darkroom, it appears to

> be the most convenient way to shoot B&W.  However, after pulling the 
> image below from a cluttered negative taken amid the confusion of a 
> wedding rehearsal supper, I find that, if I do my job, the film will 
> take care of itself.  The image shows the bride-to-be, my 
> granddaughter, in a reflective mood after a busy day, with an even
busier day ahead.
> Leica IIIf RD, Summitar 5cm f/2.0
> Exposure 1/50 at f/2.8
> Kodak BW400-2
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